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Black Cherry Gelato Strain: Complete Weed Guide

Updated: May 8

black cherry gelato strain

The Black Cherry Gelato strain is an acquired taste for experienced cannabis connoisseurs. This strain is a rare cross between two very popular strains. The result? A unique, heavy-hitting strain with a delightful aroma of sweet cherries, berries, and citrus that will keep you feeling relaxed yet energized.

In this cannabis strain review, we'll be taking a closer look at this cherry-licious strain, including its origin and effects. We'll also explore why this strain is a great choice for those searching for an unique experience.

What Is The Black Cherry Gelato Strain?

The Black Cherry Gelato strain is a slightly Indica-dominant hybrid (60:40 | Indica: Sativa) renowned for its unique blend of Black Cherry Funk and Acai strains. It delivers a delightful mix of sweet, fruity flavors and a balanced high: energy with relaxation.

If you are an Indica lover who also appreciates the flavor of their weed, then Black Cherry Gelato is an excellent choice.

One thing to note about this excellent strain is that it's a hybrid strain. What this means is that it possesses some Sativa-like characteristics, such as energy, but with a touch of the relaxation and body high, you'd expect from an Indica.

Genetic Lineage

By merging the genetics of the potent Black Cherry Funk with the deliciously fruity Acai strains, breeders have crafted a strain that stands out in the cannabis market. The result is a complex flavor profile that marries sweet, earthy notes with hints of berry and cherry, making it a favorite among those who prioritize taste as much as effect. The Black Cherry Gelato strain boasts a genetic makeup that offers the best of both worlds: the uplifting, cerebral stimulation of Sativa strains, alongside the comforting, sedative effects of Indica strains.

black cherry gelato characeristics

Black Cherry Gelato Characteristics

In this section, we'll discuss the various characteristics of the black cherry strain, including its aroma, appearance, and taste.

Flavor Profile

This indica-dominant hybrid will tantalize even the most discerning of palates with its unique blend of robust, earthy flavors. It is reminiscent of a hot coffee, layered with succulent berries and cherries, enrobed in creamy goodness, and finished off with a hint of black licorice and freshly squeezed lime juice. You can also detect subtle notes of skunk, herbs, and diesel - all combined to create an unforgettable taste experience!

Aroma and Scent

Black Cherry Gelato stands out with a distinctively strong aroma, combining hints of herbs, gas, and skunk with a delectable sweetness akin to licorice. Wild berries and cherry balance the overall earthy scent, making this an acquired taste for those who prefer more intense fragrances over mild fruitiness.

Glittery Appearance

The black cherry gelato strain is known for its dark green buds that are compact and dense, with thin orange pistils that add a fiery contrast against the foliage. These cannabis plants produce nuggets dripping with amber-colored trichomes, giving them a glittering appearance. Each nug is lustrously shimmering, indicating its exuberant flavor, which will surely tantalize the taste buds.

Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of the Black Cherry Gelato strain is rich and complex, featuring a dominant presence of Myrcene, which contributes to its deeply calming effects and earthy, berry scent. Limonene adds a citrusy, sweet undertone, enhancing the strain's overall fruity aroma. Caryophyllene rounds out the profile with spicy, peppery notes, offering a nuanced flavor and potentially contributing to its stress-relieving properties.

How Strong Is Black Cherry Gelato?

Black cherry gelato is known for its potent effects, making it a great choice for experienced cannabis users. With a high THC content level of around 26% to 28%, this strain will send you on a euphoric journey that's sure to leave you feeling relaxed and sedated.

Your initial experience with this strain will be one of utter serenity and elation; all worry ceases to exist in your mind, replacing it instead with a satisfied smile. As the pleasure intensifies, tingles may engulf you from head to toe. It is possible that you might not even manage to leave the couch before succumbing to blissful slumber.

black cherry gelato weed strain

What Are the Health Benefits of Black Cherry Gelato?

Below, we discuss reported benefits from users of the black cherry gelato strain:

Promotes Stress Relief

Black Cherry Gelato is renowned for its relaxing capabilities. The powerful combination of the high THC potency and terpenes offer a tranquil sensation that quickly relieves any stress or aches. Those looking for an all-natural way to unwind should definitely consider Black Cherry Gelato!

Treating Respiratory Conditions

Rich in pinene, Black Cherry Gelato not only tastes delicious but may provide therapeutic benefits. As it's been reported to be used as an anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator, providing relief to those who have asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Can Help With Pain Relief

The combination of THC, CBC, and CBD found in Black Cherry Gelato has been shown to help alleviate physical pain, making it an ideal choice for those dealing with chronic pain, muscle spasms, or inflammation.

Can Treat Insomnia

Black cherry gelato's sedating effects may help users wind down after a long day, allowing them to drift off into a deep and restful slumber.

Boosts Appetite

The "munchies" associated with Black cherry gelato may be used to help those who struggle to maintain a healthy weight or have difficulty eating due to illness or medication.

effects of black cherry gelato strain

Common Effects Of Black Cherry Gelato

This cannabis strain also makes its users experience certain effects. Some of the common side effects of Black Cherry Gelato are:


Drowsiness is a common side effect of the black cherry gelato strain. Make sure to only consume this strain in a comfortable setting and be aware of your own personal limits.

Dry Mouth

You know that feeling when your mouth gets dry and sticky? That's called "cottonmouth," and it's a common side effect of cannabis strains. Staying hydrated is key to keeping this sensation at bay.

Red Eyes

This is another common side effect of this indica-dominant hybrid. Red eyes can be easily remedied with over-the-counter eye drops or a cool compress.


If you find that you are experiencing paranoid thoughts or feelings, it's best to take a break from the cannabis and relax. Remember to always stay aware of your own limits.

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Black Cherry Gelato Weed Strain: Growing Information

Black Cherry Gelato weed strain is a sun-loving plant that thrives in hot and humid climates, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor growth. Nevertheless, its resistance to certain conditions remain unknown, so it's important to ensure you have the right environment to grow this strain.

Flowering Time

This strain has an optimal flowering period of 45-50 days and is usually harvest-ready in approximately 50 days.


Cultivating indoors yields about half an ounce per square foot, but with the right conditions and techniques, you could see up to 1.39 ounces! Outdoors, your average yield per plant can range from a half-ounce to five ounces; however, experienced growers have occasionally been able to reap as much as 18 ounces in one go!

Growing the Black Cherry Gelato weed strain can be tricky, as finding viable seeds is often difficult. As such, many growers opt to obtain clones or clippings instead. And even if you do find quality seeds, growing it would prove difficult because of the scarcity of information regarding this strain's growth process. Luckily, there are cannabis communities online that may provide additional insight on successful optimal growth methods for this strain.

Conclusion and FAQs

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Is black cherry Gelato a sativa or indica?

Black Cherry Gelato is typically an indica-dominant hybrid strain. It combines the genetics of Black Cherry Funk and Acai Gelato, offering a balance that leans more towards relaxation and physical effects, characteristic of indica strains, with a sweet, fruity flavor profile.

Is Black Cherry strain strong?

The Black Cherry strain is considered strong due to its high THC content, which can range between 18% to 25%. This potency is known for delivering a powerful euphoric high followed by deep relaxation, making it popular among experienced cannabis users looking for significant effects.

What is the strongest strain of Gelato?

The strongest strain of Gelato is subjective and varies based on cultivation methods and specific phenotypes. However, Gelato #33, also known as Larry Bird, is often cited as one of the most potent members of the Gelato family, with THC levels that can reach up to 25%.

black cherry gelato strain infographic

* This information is obtained from our audience and should not be considered a replacement for expert medical guidance. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional prior to considering the use of cannabis for any medical purposes.

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