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Does CBD Get You High? Explained: CBD vs THC

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

does cbd get you high

If you're here, you must probably be wondering what the difference between CBD and THC is. Well, a key similarity between these two compounds is that they are derived from cannabis. However, one common misconception people make all the time is that both of them are psychoactive (can make you high).

CBD and THC are different compounds, and this article aims to shed more light on these two because they are often used interchangeably, and it tends to confuse a lot of consumers. We also talk about CBD and THC products' effects and where to purchase the best CBD products in Washington, to mention but a few.


CBD and THC are two types of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Both possess complex characteristics that researchers have used to tell the two apart. These two compounds are present in all cannabis plants but in different doses. For example, specific varieties of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica contain higher amounts of THC and low doses of CBD.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, popularly known as THC, is a well-known cannabinoid that produces psychoactive effects. THC is the primary psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants.

According to research, THC binds to cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors located in brain regions associated with learning, memory, movement, pain sensation, and inflammation. It also binds cannabinoid 2 (CB2) receptors located in the brainstem and hippocampus, which have links to memory and emotions.

In addition, immune cells, bone cells, and spleen and liver cells also contain CB2 receptors. This widespread distribution of cannabinoid receptors is the reason why THC produces such powerful physical and psychological effects.

thc vs cbd

We are moving on to the next compound, CBD, which is an acronym for cannabidiol. This is a chemical compound derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, which is also known as marijuana. It is a naturally occurring substance used for making products like oils and edibles, which helps give a feeling of relaxation and calmness. It is one of more than 500 compounds that come from cannabis plants. CBD's chemical composition and its effects are the same, whether extracted from hemp or other varieties of the cannabis plant.

CBD and THC are different mainly because CBD does not possess the same psychoactive properties as its cannabinoid cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Unlike CBD, THC activates the brain's receptors, causing euphoria ( This is what gets you high). On the other hand, CBD is a CB1 antagonist; it blocks any intoxicating impact caused by the CB1 receptors. Therefore, taking CBD with THC may inhibit the effects of THC. Hence, CBD is used for therapeutic effects, while THC is used mainly for stimulation. So does CBD make you high? The answer to that is a solid no.


CBD has several beneficial effects. According to research, CBD is suggested to have relaxing properties that can help calm your nerves when anxious. In addition, PubMed Research suggests CBD is beneficial for relieving symptoms of stress and depression. CBD also combats inflammation and pain. And there have been numerous reports of CBD products helping treat schizophrenia and epilepsy.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD is safe for use, but more research is still needed to understand the full spectrum of effects and possible applications. Some of the positive effects of consuming CBD can include:

  1. A therapeutic feeling

  2. Freedom from anxiety

  3. Anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce pain.


As already established, the effects of THC differ from CBD. THC produces what many consider a "high," or an altered state characterized by euphoria, pleasure, or heightened sensory perception. Despite general acceptance, some people may experience some side effects when taking THC, especially at high concentrations. These side effects can include:

  1. Pain

  2. Nausea

  3. Reduced appetite

  4. Insomnia

effects of cbd


Cannabis is legal in Washington DC but is governed by a strict set of laws. These laws make it near impossible to acquire weed in the district without breaking one rule or another. Unfortunately, individuals aren't the only ones who are at fault. Various smoke shops across the capital have been shut down due to their inability to follow the laid down regulations on cannabis sales.

Instead, they flaunt the Initiative 71 policies and indirectly cause their patrons to break the law. To get cannabis in the capital, it is probably in your best interest to follow the law. But unfortunately, many potheads still haven't figured out the legal way to get weed and CBD products in Washington DC and its environs.

If you have a medical marijuana card, buying CBD products is easy. All you have to do is walk up to a state-approved dispensary and buy a product. Non-patients who are looking for CBD products can purchase them from I71 compliant smoke shops. However, the most convenient option for customers is simply pre-ordering their CBD products online and picking them up right from the smoke shop or via curbside pickup. Bear in mind that you won't be purchasing CBD directly; you will be gifted CBD products when you buy a non-CBD-related item from the store.


Top Level is a premier holistic shop located in Tenleytown, Washington DC. The shop specializes in fulfilling holistic needs and provides excellent services. In addition, Top Level complies with the provisions of the Initiative 71 Laws of not selling cannabis products but gifting them after purchases of other products are made.

At Top Level, you make a pre-order of any item you intend to purchase by browsing various products; then, you get a free optional I-71 gift. Upon completing this process, you make payments during pickup.

Since its establishment, Top Level DC has been the favorite CBD shop for many D.C. residents, and the shop boasts of a five-star rating on Google Reviews.


CBD does not get consumers high. Also, CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two distinct compounds isolated from the Cannabis sativa plant. It is THC, not CBD, that creates the high feeling people associate with cannabis use.

In addition, you should be careful when consuming cannabis products because excessive or unregulated use may produce some side effects. It is also vital for weed lovers to take proper steps to buy Cannabis in Washington because any purchase that seems to contradict the law will count as a punishable offense. Finally, don't forget to patronize smoke shops that follow the state's policies and regulations; we wouldn't want you phoning mum from jail.

To get premium CBD, place your order online or call us today at (202) 740-6670. Enjoy in-store shopping or get easy curbside pickup! Also, follow us on Instagram to learn more about how to get weed in Washington DC, with our 420-friendly and Initiative 71-compliant gifts.

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