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How to Hide the Smell of Weed

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

how to hide the smell of weed

Whether you are a veteran or entirely new to the world of cannabis, you probably know that weed has a reputation for sticking around long after you want it to be gone. The smell of weed can find many avenues to cling to and around you. While you might not mind this, it is not very advisable to go to work or hang around your friends with the scent of your joint still wrapped around you.

Luckily, we know exactly how to hide the smell of weed, and we are going to share certified and proven ways that will help you to eliminate any clingy aromas after your high session completely.

Four Proven Ways to Hide Weed Smell

It is very common for the smell of weed to hang around. If you smoke around breathable objects such as fabric, curtains, and sheets, the particles of smoke will settle quite easily on these items. Likewise, if your surroundings are poorly ventilated, the smoke has little or no opportunity to escape. Therefore, it will stay in the air and make the room smell or “reek”. The smell of weed can also remain on your skin, your clothes, or your hair.

There are many different ways to cover or completely remove the smell of weed. Each technique depends on where the smell of the weed is most potent. Some of the most popular methods are listed and explained below:

1. In Your House

Air fresheners and room deodorizers

These are incredibly simple to use, and they can also be quite efficient. With only a few sprays, you can completely mask the scent of weed in your room or selected spots around the house.

Oil Diffusers

If you are working with a larger area, like the entire house or your living room, opt for scents-based instruments like oil diffusers and scented candles. These work incredibly well if you don’t want to bother re-spraying the room every hour, as the deodorizer can wear off pretty quickly. The only downside to using an oil diffuser is that they tend to dilute rather than completely hide the weed smell. But hey, at least you will end up with a completely different and unique home fragrance.

2. In Your Car

Before we mention ways to hide the smell of weed in your car, it’s important to know that it is ILLEGAL in DC to smoke in your car. We advise you to stick to more legal ways of smoking weed in DC.


Vaping is a technique that allows you to enjoy all the benefits and highs of smoking without the smoke that can eventually fill the car.

Roll the Windows Down

This is a sure-fire way to avoid any remnant smell. Rolling down your windows creates room for ventilation, but you want to be careful with that. It can quickly stink up the lot and draw attention to you, so try using a pipe or a smoke filter to eliminate most of the smoke that causes that ‘burning’ smell.

3. On Your Clothes

Layer Up

When you hit a joint/blunt/dab/bong, the smell can actually cling to your clothes for hours. It can range from mild to “DAMN”, depending on your smoke session. An easy hack is to layer a thick sweater or jacket over your main clothes; the bulkier, the better. This will automatically trap a lot of the smoke particles that would otherwise settle on your main clothes. Then you can easily take the layer off and send it off to the laundry, or at least bury it at the bottom of the pile.

Change your clothes

This one is pretty self-explanatory. What many smokers do is change their entire outfit immediately afterward, so make sure you always have an extra change of clothes handy. Problem solved.

4. On Your Skin or Hair

It is not very easy to get THC out of your hair. Weed tends to cling to any absorbent surface around, and that even includes your hair and skin.

The good news is, there are several methods you can try to get it out.

Cover up

The most obvious thing to do is to minimize the amount of surface that the smoke can come in contact with. So make sure you have as little hair and skin exposed as possible by using caps, scarves, and other types of coverings. You can remove and wash them later.

Scrubs and Lotions

If the smell still manages to get through, then it is time to resort to more extreme remedies. Scrubs and lotions help you cover the smell when your skin absorbs them. You can also use perfume, but you will run at the risk of giving everyone around you a headache if you overspray desperately.

Visiting DC soon?

There you have it, our tried and tested methods to help you get rid of the smell of weed in your house, car, and even on your body. If we missed a hack that worked for you, feel free to swing by our store, Top Level DC, and share with our HIGH quality experts on how to make weed smell go away.

While you are there, we can also recommend some excellent and quality strains that are known to produce the least smell. We stock a large variety of premium weed strains, including Jack Herer, Auto Duck, Northern Lights, and Green Crack.

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