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Maryland Medical Marijuana: Beginner’s Guide

Updated: May 8

Maryland Medical Marijuana

Medicinal marijuana has long been recognized for its potential in the treatment of a wide range of medical conditions, from chronic pain to the gruesome side effects of chemotherapy. But like many cannabis products, its usage has to be regulated due to its psychoactive properties, and these regulations can vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another. In this article, we will discuss the usage of medical marijuana in Maryland and explain the purpose of the Maryland Medical Marijuana Program.

The Eligibility for Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Program

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) has listed specific conditions that qualify a patient for the use of medical marijuana in MD. These conditions include, but are not limited to:

  • Chronic Pain

  • Severe Nausea

  • Seizures

  • Severe or persistent muscle spasms

  • Glaucoma

  • Post-traumatic stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Anorexia

  • Wasting Syndrome

  • Chronic or debilitating diseases for which other treatments have been ineffective.

Potential patients have to consult a certified healthcare provider to determine if their condition falls under the approved list as recognized by the MMCC. However, having any of these conditions is not a guarantee that you will be granted access to the medical marijuana program.

For instance, your healthcare provider must be registered with the MMCC before they can certify you for the program. Also, your provider will evaluate your health history and current symptoms to determine if medical cannabis could be beneficial.

To actually be eligible for a Maryland medical card, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • Age Requirements: Applicants must be at least 18 years old to apply independently for a medical marijuana card. Minors can also register, but they require a caregiver who is at least 21 years old. This requirement ensures that the patient has appropriate support and supervision in managing the use of medical marijuana, as minors may not be able to fully understand or manage their medication regimen. The caregiver must also register with the MMCC and will be responsible for obtaining and administering the cannabis to the minor patient.

  • Proof of Residency: Individuals must provide proof of Maryland residency. Acceptable documents include a state-issued ID, driver's license, or other government-issued identification that shows the applicant's address. Temporary residents, such as students or those with employment visas, may need to provide additional documentation to prove their residency status.

  • Medical Documentation: Patients need to provide medical records or documentation from their healthcare provider that outlines their qualifying condition. This documentation is essential for the certifying healthcare provider to assess the patient’s eligibility for the use of medical cannabis.

  • Continuing Certification: Once a patient is approved, they may need to have regular follow-ups with their healthcare provider to ensure the continued efficacy and appropriateness of their medical marijuana treatment. The specifics of recertification can vary and might be dependent on the healthcare provider's recommendations and the MMCC's regulations.

Maryland Medical Marijuana Card

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Maryland?

Getting a Maryland medical marijuana card involves a multi-step process designed to ensure that only eligible patients gain access to Maryland medical marijuana. Here's a detailed guide on how to get a medical marijuana card in MD:

1. Register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC):

Before you can obtain medical marijuana, you must first register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). This process includes submitting an application along with the required documents, which often include an electronic copy of a government-issued photo ID and proof of Maryland residency or treatment in Maryland.

After submission, your application will be reviewed by the MMCC. The standard processing time can be up to 30 days, though it can be longer if there is a high volume of applications or if additional information is required.

2. Obtain a Written Certification from a Registered Provider

After your MMCC registration is approved, you'll receive a patient ID number. You must then consult with a healthcare provider who is registered with the MMCC and is authorized to certify patients for medical cannabis use.

Schedule an appointment with the provider, during which they will assess your medical history and the current condition for which you're seeking medical cannabis. If the provider agrees that you would benefit from medical cannabis, they will issue you a written certification, which will be linked to your MMCC registration using your patient ID number.

3. Purchase Medical Cannabis from a Licensed Maryland Dispensary

Once you have your written certification, you can visit any licensed dispensary in Maryland to obtain medical cannabis. At the dispensary, present your MMCC patient ID card or the number provided to you during registration. The dispensary will check the MMCC database to confirm your active certification.

The staff at the dispensary can guide you through the types of cannabis products available and what might be best suited for your condition. Note that there are limits on the amount of medical cannabis you can purchase and possess at any given time, so be sure to familiarize yourself with these regulations.

4. Compliance and Renewal

It's important to stay compliant with all medical cannabis laws in Maryland. This means only using cannabis as directed by your certifying provider and not sharing your medication with others.

Your medical cannabis card and physician's certification will have an expiration date. Make sure to keep track of these dates and begin the renewal process in advance to ensure there is no lapse in your ability to legally purchase and use medical cannabis in Maryland.

For renewal, you will typically need to visit your healthcare provider again to get a new certification. Depending on the MMCC's requirements, you might also need to update your registration details and photo.

Always remember that the laws and processes surrounding medical marijuana can change, so it is crucial to stay updated with the MMCC’s guidelines and ensure that you adhere to the current legal requirements. Additionally, it is essential to maintain communication with your healthcare provider about your medical cannabis use and any changes in your health condition. Regular check-ins with your provider not only support your health and safety but are often necessary to continue receiving your medical cannabis certification.

Maryland vs. Washington DC Marijuana Dispensaries

When it comes to visiting dispensaries in Maryland, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) oversees the process, and it requires patients to be registered before any purchase.

The atmosphere in these dispensaries is strictly professional, with an emphasis on patient education and privacy. However, the variety of available Maryland cannabis products can be limited due to strict local regulations. In Maryland, medical marijuana card holders are required to make their purchases in person, and options for delivery or online orders are still evolving.

Comparatively, Washington, DC, has more relaxed policies, thanks in part to Initiative 71 (i71). Here, while medical cannabis is regulated, the legal framework, including i71, makes it easier to access marijuana. This not only can make getting marijuana from i71 compliant shops more affordable but also the process in DC is perceived as more user-friendly. DC offers less stringent purchasing limits and a broader range of product selection, making it a more accommodating environment for patients and enthusiasts alike.

Marijuana Product Selection

Product Selection And Quality

When it comes to comparing the product selection and quality between Maryland and Washington DC, it becomes quite evident that DC offers a more diverse and appealing cannabis landscape. While Maryland strives to uphold stringent standards through the Maryland Cannabis Commission, the variety of products and strains at your disposal might leave you yearning for more.

In Washington DC, the cannabis scene is a true gem for enthusiasts and patients alike. You'll discover a more extensive array of options, thanks to the flourishing dispensary and i71 shop community. Dispensaries or i71 shops like Top Level provide a vast selection that includes an impressive assortment of strains like Billy Kimber or Lemon Cherry Gelato, mouthwatering edibles, potent concentrates, and so much more. This breadth of choice empowers consumers to find products that perfectly suit their specific needs and preferences, making the DC cannabis experience truly exceptional. If you're a Maryland resident or visitor in search of a more fulfilling and versatile cannabis journey, DC beckons with its thriving and diverse marketplace.

Legalization of Marijuana in Maryland

Legal and regulatory considerations

Understanding the legal and regulatory frameworks of Maryland and Washington, DC, is crucial for medical marijuana users. In Maryland, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission is the primary regulatory body overseeing the medical marijuana card system. The MMCC of Maryland sets strict guidelines on the sale, distribution, and possession of medical cannabis. These regulations are designed to ensure patient safety and prevent diversion to non-medical use.

In contrast, while Maryland has a more regulated approach to marijuana, Washington DC's laws are more lenient and inclusive, permitting recreational use and embracing the concept of cannabis gifting under Initiative 71. This flexibility has given rise to a vibrant market that can be particularly accommodating for patients and enthusiasts alike.

It's essential for patients to know about the rules when using medical marijuana in these areas. In Maryland, they don't accept medical marijuana cards from other states. So, if you're from another state, you'll need to follow Maryland's rules to get certified.

In DC, things work differently. They have reciprocity policies, which means if you have a valid medical marijuana card from a state that has an agreement with DC, you can buy cannabis from DC dispensaries. So, if you're from an approved state, you're good to go in DC.

Ultimately, both Maryland and DC laws intersect with federal regulations, which still classify marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance. This federal classification can have significant implications for medical marijuana users, particularly those who live in federally subsidized housing, are involved in federal employment, or hold security clearances.

Pricing of Marijuana Products in MD and D.C.

Cost and Payment Options

Maryland medical marijuana products can be expensive due to the taxes and fees imposed by the state. Also, the state does not currently allow health insurance to cover the cost of medical marijuana, adding to the financial burden for patients.

In Washington, DC, you can often find better prices for cannabis, and this is partly because they offer discounts to people from other states. If you're from Maryland, this can be a great advantage because stores in DC provide services and discounts to out-of-state visitors, making it more affordable. Additionally, DC dispensaries face more competition, so they can offer a wider range of deals and financial perks compared to those in Maryland. This means you can often find more budget-friendly options when shopping for cannabis in DC.


Maryland's medical cannabis scene is really taking off, and it's been quite the journey. New dispensaries have popped up, there's a steady stream of patients signing up, and the variety of cannabis products keeps growing. This boom is not just good news for folks looking for alternative treatments; it's also a nice little earner for the state's economy.

But it’s important to note that Maryland's medical cannabis industry is still finding its feet. It's a mix of new laws rolling out, more research coming in, and the public's view on cannabis continually shifting. If Maryland can keep up with the times and stick to solid regulations, the medical cannabis industry could be a real success story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Smoke Marijuana In Public In Maryland?

In Maryland, it is against the law to use marijuana in public, whether for recreational or medical purposes. Public cannabis consumption is considered a civil infraction and can attract a penalty, with fines starting at $50 for the initial violation.

How Hard Is It To Get A Medical Card In Maryland?

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in Maryland requires a patient to navigate a multi-step process that involves certification from a registered provider. The difficulty is not necessarily in the complexity of the steps but in meeting the specific medical qualifications and completing the necessary documentation.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Maryland?

Consulting with a certified healthcare provider for a Maryland medical marijuana card comes with a fee of $125. In addition, there's an additional $25 charge for the state application that patients need to submit to the Maryland Cannabis Administration.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In MD?

After you register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) and obtain a doctor's certification, the approval process for the initial registration can take about 30 days. However, the certification from a doctor can often be obtained quicker, sometimes in the same appointment, if you've prepared the necessary medical documentation.

Can I Use My Maryland Medical Marijuana Card In Another State?

The use of a Maryland medical marijuana card in another state depends on that state’s reciprocity laws. Some states with medical marijuana programs allow out-of-state patients to possess and use medical marijuana, while others do not.

Where Can I Legally Purchase Marijuana In Maryland?

The process of purchasing medical marijuana involves visiting a dispensary licensed by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). Patients with a medical marijuana card can choose from various licensed dispensaries throughout the state. These dispensaries are the only places where the purchase of marijuana is legal in Maryland.

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* This information is obtained from our audience and should not be considered a replacement for expert medical guidance. It is important to consult with a healthcare professional prior to considering the use of cannabis for any medical purposes.

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