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Peanut Butter Breath Strain [Marijuana Strain Overview]

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

peanut butter breath strain

If you are looking for a new weed strain to try, then you should check out the Peanut Butter Breath strain. This strain is becoming quite popular among cannabis consumers because of its amazing range of effects and benefits. It offers physical and mental relief that can be helpful for a variety of medical conditions.

Also, Peanut Butter Breath has a sweet and nutty aroma, with a peanut butter taste that will leave you wanting more. Plus, this strain has an attractive appearance with deep green buds covered in orange hairs.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Peanut Butter Breath strain. This includes information on its effects, benefits, aroma, taste, and appearance. We will also talk about the medical conditions that this strain can be helpful for.

What Is The Peanut Butter Breath Strain?

The Peanut Butter Breath is a hybrid cannabis strain that was created by crossing the Do-Si-Dos and Mendo breath F2 strains. This new weed strain offers a well-balanced set of effects that will leave you feeling relaxed and euphoric.

From the labs of popular cannabis breeders, ThugPug Genetics, Peanut Butter Breath adds to the list of other popular strains like Garlic Breath, Hawaiian Unicorn, and so on.

Peanut Butter Breath is an evenly balanced hybrid cannabis strain with 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. It has a THC level that ranges from 20% to 27%. This high THC content makes the Peanut Butter Breath one of the most potent strains available on the market. With such high THC levels, this strain is recommended in small doses for first-time cannabis consumers.

Cannabis experts recommend that first-time users start with a strain that has lower THC levels. This will help them get accustomed to the effects of THC before moving on to a more potent strain like the Peanut Butter Breath.

Strain Characteristics

The physical attributes of the Peanut Butter Breath make it stand out from other weed strains. These include:


A strain's appearance is the first thing that cannabis consumers will notice. The Peanut Butter Breath has an attractive appearance, with its long, dense, and sticky buds that are light green in color with orange pistils. Its trichomes are white and frosty, making the buds appear glittery. Peanut Butter Breath also has an elongated, olive-shaped, forest-green nugs and firey orange-red pistils peek through the leaves, covering it with a thick coating of purple trichomes that glisten in the light.


The Peanut Butter Breath has a sweet, fruity and nutty aroma, with peanut butter being the most dominant scent. There are also hints of chocolate and caramel in the background. When breaking open a bud, you will also notice a skunky smell. The Peanut Butter Breath's aroma is one of its most appealing features.

Most users have shared that it reminds them of a peanut butter sandwich cookie with rich earthy undertones.


This weed tastes like it smells - a nutty and earthy flavor reminiscent of coffee. When smoked, peanut butter breath's nutty flavor becomes more pronounced. Its flavors are more decadent because of its high terpenes content. Also, its Limonene terpene adds citrus hints, caryophyllene gives a peppery smoke, and pinene suggests pine undertones.

what is the peanut butter breath strain

Peanut Butter Breath Effects

The Peanut Butter Breath offers a well-rounded set of effects that will leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed. Its high THC levels make it perfect for treating anxiety, stress, and depression. The Peanut Butter Breath's mental effects are complemented by its physical effects, which can help alleviate pain, inflammation, and cramps.

It has a long-lasting high that can last up to four hours. The high starts with a head rush that leaves you feeling euphoric and uplifted. This is followed by a body high that leaves you feeling relaxed and at ease. The Peanut Butter Breath's effects are also known to increase creativity and focus.

One thing to note is that unlike other high THC strains, peanut butter won’t couch-lock you. Peanut Butter Breath is also highly sociable, making it perfect for social gatherings and events. The high from this strain can also be quite overwhelming for first-time users, so it is important to start with a small dose.

Side Effects Of Peanut Butter Breath

Although the Peanut Butter Breath offers a wide range of benefits, it also has some side effects that users should be aware of. These include:

Dry mouth

You may experience Cottonmouth or dry mouth when smoking the Peanut Butter Breath. This is a common side effect of smoking cannabis and can be alleviated by drinking plenty of water.

Dry eyes

Smoking Peanut Butter Breath may also cause dry eyes. This is another common side effect of smoking weed and can be alleviated by using artificial tears or eye drops.


The Peanut Butter Breath's high THC levels can cause anxiety in some users. This is especially true for first-time users or those who are sensitive to THC. If you start to feel anxious, it is important to stay calm and relaxed.


Peanut Butter Breath can also cause paranoia in some users. This is more likely to occur if you are a first-time user.


You may also experience dizziness when smoking the Peanut Butter Breath. This is a common side effect of smoking weed and is usually caused by the strain's high THC levels. If you start to feel dizzy, try to get some sleep or relax.

How To Grow Peanut Butter Breath?

If you're looking to grow your own Peanut Butter Breath strain, there are a few things you need to know:

Grow Difficulty

When it comes to environments, this strain is highly selective, as it only thrives in certain places. Many cannabis breeders prefer to grow peanut butter breath indoors because they can more easily control the environment.

If you live in an area with a climate that is good for cannabis cultivation, you could try growing peanut butter breath outdoors. Just make sure to give this strain lots of sun and water it regularly.


Peanut Butter Breath can yield up to 550 grams per square meter when grown indoors and up to 650 grams per plant when grown outdoors.


Peanut Butter Breath can grow to a height of 50-100 cm when grown indoors and up to 2 meters when grown outdoors.

Flowering Time

Peanut Butter Breath takes 8-11 weeks to flower when grown indoors and will be ready for harvest in mid-October when grown outdoors.

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