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What Is Shatter? [How to Use it & Side Effects]

what is shatter

Cannabis concentrates aren't new concepts in the cannabis community. Ever since their introduction to the market, these substances have ushered in a new and unique way of consuming weed. And today, one of the most popular concentrates in the market is Shatter. Shatter has risen in popularity amongst other concentrates and is probably the most in-demand cannabis extract out there.

So what is shatter anyway? Shatter is a cannabis extract. And one thing about extracts is that they are always hard to tell apart. This is why shatter is often mistaken for wax, crumble, and PHO.

This Shatter Guide will discuss the distinctive features of Shatter, detail its side effects as well, and show you where to get the best high-quality Shatter in Washington DC.

Shatter Cannabis Definition

Shatter is a concentrated extract gotten from cannabis oil. The process of extraction is usually carried out using hydrocarbons like hexane, isopropyl, propane, and butane.

Here is one remarkable fact; shatter and hash have been used for centuries. Its origin can be traced to a traditional practice of hashish production. Its historical use and production have also been recognized by several authors. In the late 80s, popular author D. Gold published the second edition of his book, titled Cannabis Alchemy: The Art of Modern Hash Making. His book entails full explanations on how to make hash.

Just a year later, Michael Starks, a medical technologist, published a book named Marijuana Chemistry: Genetics Processing and Potency, which included full details of the hash manufacturing process. Both these books discuss the hash-making process and how it has evolved over the years.

What Does Shatter Look Like?

what does shatter cannabis look like

Shatter looks like amber-colored glass. This concentrate is brittle and can be broken down into smaller pieces, hence its name. It closely resembles a slab of toffee, honey, or maple syrup.

How is Shatter Made?

Shatter comes from a rigorous but beautiful process known as extraction. This usually involves a five-step process.

First, an extractor is filled with ground marijuana- these extractors can be found at head shops in DC - however, you can create one yourself, but it is not advisable. The extractors are filled tightly with weed to prevent any air pockets.

The next step involves immersing the marijuana in butane. This is done by spraying butane through the top hole of the extractor until a thick gray or brown oil trickles out. This oil is then collected in a bowl or container.

The 3rd step involves evaporating or distilling the butane. It is a risky process and requires a specialist. The butane cannabis mix is put in a dual boiler and placed over an electric stove. This gradually eliminates the butane and leaves you with marijuana shatter.

After this, the shatter is purified using a pressurized vacuum pump to remove any lingering trace of butane. The last step is to collect your cannabis shatter from its container and store it in a cool and dry place.

Differences Between Shatter and Wax?

differences between shatter and wax

The basic difference between Shatter and Wax is found in its texture. Wax is more malleable and softer than Shatter. Asides from this, both these two have visible differences. Shatter maintains a glass-like appearance and can break easily, hence the name shatter. In comparison, the texture of wax is often gooey or creamy.

One thing to note is that the potency, aroma, and flavor profile of shatter can be identical to wax or oil.

How Do You Use Shatter?

What makes shatter so good is that it can be used in various ways. You can combine shatter with flower, smoke it with a hash pipe, a vaporizer, or even a dab rig. The possibilities are endless.

If you want to combine shatter with cannabis flower, all you need to do is add small pieces of Shatter to a container, then mix it with your joint. This simple method is often used when you don't have any specialized gear. But it does have one downside, the extract's taste might be ruined during the process of mixing.

Using a hash pipe is the traditional way to go. It doesn't need any unique processes or rigs, as the hash pipe is made explicitly for this. Vaping is often regarded as one of the best ways to smoke your hash because the pure flavor of the concentrates is extracted to the fullest. You can also use a dab rig to smoke your shatter. This involves vaporizing your shatter on hot surfacing and inhaling its vapor through a dab rig.

Side Effects of Shatter

side effects of shatter

Shatter is a cannabis concentrate - which means it has very high levels of THC, and like any other cannabis product, shatter has adverse effects when over-consumed. Some of these side effects include anxiety, paranoia, trouble concentrating, loss of memory, and a lack of coordination. So it is recommended that you take minimum doses each session to avoid all of these nasty side effects.

Where to Get Shatter in Washington DC

get free shatter gifts in DC

The best and most reliable place to get high-quality Shatter is Top Level DC. At Top Level, marijuana flower and concentrates are gifted responsibly to individuals 21 years and above, as required by the Initiative 71 laws.

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