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The Exotic White Truffle Strain - A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

white truffle strain

Truffles are an exotic delicacy sought after for their sumptuous flavor and rarity. The same can be said of the white truffle strain - an ultra-elite cannabis option that's as rare as it is delicious.

In this comprehensive guide to the Exotic White Truffle Strain, we'll review its genetics, effects, benefits, physical qualities, and price. We'll also explore White Truffle Weed Strain yield and provide helpful tips for growers.

White Truffle Strain Genetics

White Truffle, also known as the White Truffle Butter strain, is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid strain that's the phenotype of Gorilla Butter. As a phenotype of Gorilla Butter, White Truffle is the result of a cross between Peanut Butter Breath and Gorilla Glue, two powerhouse strains known for their intense potency and delicious flavor profiles.

The White Truffle strain genetics comprise some of its parents' best qualities, so you should expect an exotic, creamy taste and smooth smoke. White Truffle strain THC level ranges from 20-30% giving the strain plenty of strength in terms of its psychoactive effects.

White Truffle Strain Effects

The White Truffle strain effects will have you feeling like you are floating on cloud 9 - it starts as an uplifting cerebral experience and gradually transitions into a full body-stoned sensation. This strain can relieve stress, anxiety, and depression while providing a mild sedative effect.

Mental Effects of the White Truffle Weed Strain

You can expect an intense yet calming mental experience when you smoke White Truffle. This strain will lift your mood and give you a rush of creative energy, allowing you to tackle any task easily. It also helps improve focus and clarity, so it's great for studying or completing a project.

Physical Effects of the White Truffle Weed Strain

The physical effects of the White Truffle strain are also powerful. Its heavy Indica genetics will leave you feeling relaxed, happy, and content. You may also experience mild euphoria, tingling sensations, and increased appetite - all beneficial effects for those suffering from insomnia or chronic pain.

Adverse Effects of the White Truffle Weed Strain

Like all cannabis strains, the White Truffles strain has some adverse effects. The most common side effects of this strain are red eyes and cottonmouth, usually due to dehydration. To avoid or reduce the chances of experiencing these side effects, staying hydrated throughout the experience and avoiding consuming too much is recommended.

Benefits of White Truffle Strain

Here are five potential benefits that you could experience when using the White Truffle Marijuana Strain.

  1. Pain relief: The White Truffle strain can be your ultimate ally if you suffer from chronic body aches and pains. Its high THC content effectively reduces inflammation and alleviates pain, providing much-needed relief lasting for hours.

  2. Improved mood: If you're dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or fatigue, White Truffle can help lift your mood and give you a much-needed boost of energy. As stated earlier, the uplifting effects of this strain can help you stay focused and motivated and put you in a positive mindset that lasts throughout the day.

  3. Increased creativity: White Truffle strain helps unleash your inner creativity, giving you a rush of energy and inspiration to help you think outside the box and approach tasks with newfound clarity.

  4. Increased appetite: If you struggle with eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, the White Truffle strain can help you regain your appetite. This strain's Indica genetics can stimulate your appetite and make food more appealing, helping you overcome your eating disorder and improve your overall health.

  5. Improved sleep quality: White Truffle's soothing properties can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, ensuring you feel refreshed and energized for the day ahead.

white truffle strain smell taste and appearance

White Truffle Strain Smell, Taste, and Appearance

What does White Truffle taste like? This hybrid strain has a unique flavor profile, combining earthy musk with hints of citrus, lemon, and light pepper to create an exotic and creamy taste. It's an incredibly aromatic strain, too - you can pick up on its intense mushroom aroma when burned.

As for the physical qualities of the White Truffle weed strain, it produces medium-sized dense buds that light prepare light green. Each bud is coated in frosty trichomes and orange hairs. The terpenes (volatile oils that evaporate quickly when heated) present in each bud give it this unique aroma and flavor.

White Truffle Marijuana Strain Yield and Growing Information

The average White Truffle Strain yield is 14 Oz/Ft² indoors and 17 Oz/plant outdoors. This strain also has a relatively fast flowering time of 60-64 days when grown indoors and can be harvested mid-October when grown outdoors. The difficulty level for growing this strain is moderate, and the ideal temperature range when cultivating it is between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit (18-26 degrees Celsius). It's important to note that White Truffle performs best when grown in a hydroponics setup.

We often get asked, "Can White Truffles be cultivated?" The answer is yes. White truffles can be cultivated with a process known as inoculation. During this process, spores of selected strains are injected into trees, such as oaks, hornbeams, and hazels, producing truffles. However, these cultivated white truffles lack the intense aroma and flavor of wild ones, so it's best to stick to harvesting them in their natural habitats.

Where Does White Truffle Grow?

The ideal environment for White Truffles consists of temperate climates with soil rich in calcium carbonate, limestone, or dolomite. They usually grow in the wild between late autumn and early spring but can also be cultivated artificially.

When Is White Truffle Season?

White truffles typically have a season that runs from late September to November in the northern hemisphere and March to July in the southern hemisphere.

White Truffle Strain Seeds

If you're looking for White Truffle marijuana seeds, you may have difficulty finding them. But there are still some good sources out there. You might have to pay or trade for clippings from a healthy plant to get your hands on some seeds.

white truffle strain price

White Truffle Strain Price

With a price tag of around $260 to $280 per ounce, the White Truffle is considered the crème de la crème of premium cannabis strains making it a coveted delicacy in the cannabis world. You might be asking yourself why white truffle is expensive; well, it's because of rarity. As demand consistently exceeds supply, prices remain high, making it an exclusive treat for those who are fortunate enough to acquire it. The meticulous and challenging cultivation process required to produce the White Truffle Butter strain only adds to its rarity, making it even more valuable than other strains.

Final Thoughts

White Truffle is an amazing strain that offers many health benefits, from improved sleep quality to alleviating the symptoms of eating disorders. It has a unique flavor and smell, with earthy musk undertones and hints of citrus, making it a true connoisseur's delight. Though it comes at a high price due to its rarity, White Truffle is worth every penny for those seeking pure cannabis pleasure. So if you're looking for an exotic experience to please your palate, try out the White Truffle marijuana strain!

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